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Diamond painting is very similar to painting by quantity, except that rather than using paint, you're using miniature, flat-backed rhinestones, crystals, diamonds or diamonds. It's possible to buy diamond painting kits on the internet and in certain well-stocked arts and crafts shops. The procedure is able to appear intimidating, but it's in fact rather straightforward. When you understand what to do, then it is possible to discover the undertaking both relaxing and rewarding.

You may get these online although a number of craft shops can also carry them.

Learn how to browse the picture. The canvas consists of small boxes which are painted and painted with numbers, similar to a cross-stitch canvas. The numbers have been written on a graph, together with all the corresponding tote and diamond colour written below or alongside it. The graph is normally published on the face of the picture.

Unroll the tape and paper it down on a level surface.

This undertaking could be time-consuming. Consider taping the canvas into a plank, which you are able to move out of the way readily.

Peel rear a part of the vinyl. Run your fingernail across the plastic to crease it that it does not roll forward

Some kits have pre-cut vinyl strips. In cases like this, simply peel off the very first strip away.

Pour out to the tray. Opt for a box to begin with, and notice the amount in it. Look up the number on the graph, then discover the tote with the exact same number. Open the bag , and then pour a number of the crystals out .

Dip your pencil tool to the wax or gel which came with your kit. Open the package of gel which came with your kit. This can make it possible for the pen.